Nerd Nite NOLA has revamped and returned for a 5th year! We have formed a partnership with the illustrious Krewe of Chewbacchus to use their venue/float den/isolation chamber chapel Castillo Blanco for all foreseeable Nerd Nites! WE LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! You should drop by some time.

This is a venture that could not have come at a more perfect time. My enthusiasm for Nerd Nite in New Orleans is at an all time high after my trip to D.C. for the Smithsonian Future is Here Fest and Nerd Nite Global Fest. The goal for our 5th season is to learn, drink beer, have fun, and get one of our speakers to NNGF next year! Nerd Nites rolls monthly, round the middle part. Doors are at 7 and presentations usually run from 8 – 10. Stick around AFTER the presentations to watch free screenings, listen to DJs, and drink beer!

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