Join us SATURDAY, 12/12, at the Castillo Blanco Art Studios, 4321 St. Claude Ave. Doors and HOT COCOA at 7, program rolls at 8:00. Cash bar (I have it on good authority that whiskey goes REALLY WELL with hot cocoa)!

(Bring your camp chairs!)

Program for December 12th:


Fun With Street Names

by Ryne Hancock


Ever wondered how New Orleans’ street names came to pass? What’s the story behind BurGUNdy? How do you pronounce Terpischore? Which side of the coin do you fall on for Calliope? Ryne Hancock will give you some history and fun facts about these streets and more.

Ryne, a Tennessee native, took a leap of faith by purchasing a one way ticket to New Orleans. Currently you can hear him on air on Crescent City Radio from 11-1 every Thursday morning.

Global Augmented Reality Games: Ingress

with Cade Roux


Ingress is a multi-faceted global “augmented reality” game played by hundreds of thousands of agents worldwide.

There are two global factions in Ingress, the Resistance (blue) and the Enlightened (green).  Organization in the game can take place at many levels from neighborhood to global, with teamwork being vital to many facets of the game.  The basic aspects of gameplay are very simple (destroy green, build blue, make triangles), with complex emergent behavior.  In addition, extensive social and spinoff activities both directly and indirectly related to game play include teambuilding, crafts, fiction, storyline exploration, swag production, social events, cosplay, artwork, planning, hospitality organization, mapping, and extreme adventures.
Cade Roux is a member of the Blue Voodoo, the New Orleans area Resistance team organization – – the Blue Voodoo member agents cover an area from Houma to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and from Venice to the North Shore.